Let’s share a little bit of our history so you can understand who we are and why prayer is such an important part of our lives.

We are a passionate group of believers drawn together by the mighty hands of God.

We all met each other at different stages in life, and realized that we were connected by a common thread of knowing that there was more to prayer than what we were experiencing.

It’s that hunger to know how God’s Generals wielded this powerful tool to bring about answers, miracles, revelations from the throne of God that joined us together at the hip!

You see, we had all tried praying.

Yet, no matter what we did, nothing seemed to work.

Problems and challenges seemed to intensify. It seemed as if the devil was having a field day with us despite how long we prayed!

So we tried countless formulas, we tried every trick in the book.


After fruitless efforts, God is His grace began to open our eyes to what effective prayer was really all about.

We learnt, over time, that it was not that God didn’t want to answer us, but there were obstacles that prevented us from receiving answers.

God had answered us, but in our naivety, those answers were stolen and blocked before we received them. In other cases, we gave up too easy when we ‘saw’ nothing.

So we applied ourselves to an intense dedicated study of prayer.

We studied the Bible like our lives depended on it. We knew if we mastered the secrets of prayer that great men of God like Abraham, Elijah, Moses, David, Solomon, Isaiah and Daniel did, we would see our lives transformed miraculously.

And these are the insights and secrets that we would like to share with you on this blog.

We believe that as you begin to apply these secrets, you too may see a glorious transformation in your personal walk with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.