Why We Pray Like We Do

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Why We Pray Like We Do

A little word about us: We are a group of passionate Christians in love with God and working to grow in knowledge and power of our Savior.

That demands that we grow in relationship with Jesus Christ. The only way to do that is to actively engage in prayer. Indeed the Bible commands us to pray without ceasing.

That’s what we do.

We Pray Because Prayer Answers All Things

We believe that prayer can answer any desire of man, if he first knows how to pray.

You see, we’ve all tried the sweet, rosy, dosy prayer and found that it did nothing for us. Our prayers weren’t answered, they seemed to fall flat.

That’s until we realized that there are steps to effective prayer.

These are the steps we follow without compromise. Since that day, we’ve seen more prayers answered than ever before.

This is why we set up this site, so we can show you what works.

We don’t mean it will work for everyone because like we mentioned there are certain steps you must take before you get into prayer, otherwise prayer will prove to be a frustrating experience.

But we do know that if you deliberately apply yourself to prayer without ceasing, you will gradually see an improvement in your prayer until you can hear God’s voice for yourself without having to rely on prophets or anyone else.

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