effective prayer

Effective Prayer

Effective Prayer…

is one where you get results.

You get the object of your prayer expectation.

We don’t believe in prayer that does nothing, and leaves no impact.

Effective prayer reaches the Throne Room of God and attaches itself to an answer from God that then makes its way back to you, to reach you in the nick of time.

In other words, effective prayer… is answered prayer.

Effective prayer is answered prayer

To Be Effective, Learn From The Author of Prayer

For prayer to be effective, we need to learn from the author of prayer. Jesus Christ.

That’s what the disciples did when they reached out to Jesus Christ and said, “Rabbi, teach us how to pray”

Why did they ask Him such an unusual request?

It’s because they saw the miracles He was doing, healing the sick, casting out demons, filled with compassion on multitudes, raising people from the dead… and they realized that there was something missing in their own prayer walk.

In other words, Jesus’ prayers were and are EFFECTIVE.

They sought to get the answer to this dilemma by sitting at the feet of Christ and understanding what effective prayer was all about.

They eventually came to realize that effective prayer is answered prayer.

Effective Prayer Is Powerful Prayer

Effective prayer releases angels into your situation to restore, shake, release and bless you.

Effective prayer shakes heaven and earth.

Effective prayer allows you to be your ow prophet.

Effective prayer scares demons and makes your life heaven on earth.

Effective prayer is the only way for God’s Will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.


Learn The Secrets Of Effective Prayer

Our desire at Pray As A Step is to share with you the secrets of effective prayer.

There’s another angle to effective prayer.

To be really effective, you must know when you have received the answer to your prayer, and what that answer looks like.

This confuses many people.

You can get your answer, but because you were blind in the spirit, your answer passed you by.

You then wondered why on earth you never received any answer from heaven.

You did. But it passed you by and moved on to someone else.

Effective prayer is the only way you will get your blessings, take hold of them, activate them and enjoy them.

Without effective prayer, the devil will turn you round a cartwheel, toss you up, spin you round and dump you int he garbage.

Here’s A Secret… Of Effective Prayer

We will share many more on the blog, but for now, here’s one sign of effective prayer…


That simple three letter word is incredibly packed with significance.

When you pray to saturation on any issue, and the evidence of that is absolute joy, you know you have achieved effective prayer.

In other words, if you pray and are still troubled in spirit about what you prayed about, something is amiss.

You need to double down on your prayers.


You could be praying amiss.

Does that sound odd?

Yes, you could be praying amiss.

So, not only will you not receive any answer, you won;t know why you didn’t receive an answer!

In instances like this, you need to be still before the Lord to get His clear instruction on the prayer you must pray.


Specific Prayers Tend To Be The Most Effective Prayers

And yes, there are specific prayers for any instance known to man.

All you need to do, is find them, pray them and receive your answer.

That is effective prayer.

Are you ready for more secrets of answered prayer?


We’ll share them with you during the course of 2018.

Until then, be blessed! And pray!

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