Pray As A Step is an online ministry geared towards empowering Christians from all walks of life, reach their highest calling through prayer.

We believe that prayer is such an unknown art, that most Christians struggle to understand its spiritual impact on their lives and destiny.

We are a group of 11 ministers, Christians and ordinary believers who believe our calling is to remind Christians about the ‘lost’ art of praying. Using our own experiences, and revelations from our Lord Jesus Christ, we delve into the secrets of effective prayer and guide you along its course so you too can enjoy an effective prayer life.

Prayer is the highest calling. Without prayer, God cannot, and with prayer God can.

One of the most amazing things about our life is that God has chosen to work through the prayers of His people. Meaning that if we don’t pray, then we don;t experience God in action. Prayer is indeed God in action. To bring about miracles, testimonies and life that is rich in power and relevance, you must pray…or something like this:

Prayer… Is God In Action.

We are all actively involved in our local Churches, spread out across Baltimore, San Francisco, London, Dubai and Chicago. Thanks to the power of the worldwide web, we can actively reach the world through our online prayer ministry and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ until He comes.

Follow our blog and find out more about praying as a step to get direction, solution, counsel about anything you may face in your Christian walk.

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