Questions And Answers

Questions? We All Have Them!

It is okay to have a multitude of questions and answers.

After all, that is the only way we will make headway in our Christian walk and forge forth into the full measure of blessing in Christ.

We invite you to send us all your questions about any aspect of the Christian walk, whether it concerns prayer, fasting, lifestyle, vision, hearing God’s voice or any other matter.

We have a great team of anointed God’s Generals who will pray over your questions to get the right counsel from God and then communicate that to you in our regular ‘Question-And-Answer’ session.

You can use our contact form to submit your question. Those questions will then be compiled and published on our blog where we highlight the question and the response immediately below.

Your Contacts Are Safe With Us

Don’t worry! Your privacy comes first with us! So we will never publish your full name or email address on our blog.